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KPTec has a sizeable workforce which comprises both local and foreign workers. The foreign workers are mainly from the neighbouring countries of Malaysia and as far as Nepal and the Philippines. KPTec operations run continuously, 24x7 and require direct and indirect labour working on different crews and shifts to sustain it.

The people in KPTec work within a culture of excellence and in an environment that promotes team work and empowerment. KPTec strongly believes in the importance of effective communication - within levels and between levels, so that information can be disseminated to all people. We communicate through well-established channels such as Employees’ Meeting, Team-Based Activities Forum, Employee Forum as well as through multi-media presentations.

Our organization believes in lifelong learning. We implement continuous training and learning at the workplace and provide various skill enhancement programs for all employees, for example, Engineering Enhancement and Competency Development Program, Graduate Engineer Training Program, Leadership Development Program, and Team Building Program. By participating in these programs, KPTec employees develop and groom themselves to face new job challenges and to take on new responsibilities in the course of their career in the organization.

Apart from carrying out our daily work, KPTec employees have the opportunity to relax and refresh by participating in several sports and recreational activities organized by the company.

We are also active in green environmental activities where we reduce, reuse, recycle resources and manage, segregate and handle waste materials to protect and preserve the environment.

The People's Voice

In KPTec, we have various channels of employee communication through which employees freely voice out their opinions, offer suggestions and may also air their grievances. These channels include:

1. Employee forum

This forum provides a good opportunity for everyone to communicate directly with the Management Team, to share their ideas and give feedback on the company’s activities and services.

2. Team Based Activities (TBA)

This forum is specially designed for SDWT teams. All team captains or team star-caps share their weekly performance and special highlights. Other parties may also present information to the teams. This enables communication in all directions - from top to bottom and vice versa, among teams and between layers.

Company Activities

1. Sports & Recreation

In KPTec, we not only focus on work and indoor activities but also on outdoor, non-work related activities for all employees. These latter activities refresh, recreate and renew the peoples' health and spirit by way of enjoyment and relaxation. Most of the sports and recreational activities are held yearly like Badminton, Bowling, and Futsal.

All these activities help in improving the well-being of the individual and also strengthening the bond between KPTec personnel.

2. Emergency Response

In KPTec, we feel safe and secure as there are employees who are trained and certified as Emergency Response Team members responsible to react during an industrial emergency, for example, a fire, chemical spill or serious health emergency.

Our ERT members are efficient in firefighting, conducting CPR and first aid, controlling chemical spills and executing emergency evacuation. Every year, our members exhibit their talents when they participate at the industrial level firefighting competition organized by the Penang State Fire Department.

3. Wellness Program

At KPTec, we ensure that employees’ well-being is our top priority as we want to have a healthy and productive workforce at all times. Our Wellness Program focuses on “Wellness” instead of “Illness” and people taking responsibility for their own personal health. The aim of the program is to ensure that everyone’s health is properly managed, everyone is encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle, and everyone is supported when things go wrong. Monthly wellness activities are carried out to create awareness on lifestyle-related diseases, identify and assess health risks and to guide employees on proper dieting and exercise for good health.

Simply the Best

In KPTec, we believe in bringing out the best in our people and rewarding for performance. Our employees are competent in teamwork, coordinating plans and tasks, collaborative problem solving and communication. We are confident in our ability to think and act effectively and we always persevere when faced with difficult challenges. We engage in continuous development and strive for excellence in all things that we do.

We Can.    We Must.     We Will.