KOBELCO PRECISION TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. ("KPTec"), formerly known as KOBE PRECISION TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD., was incorporated in Penang, Malaysia in February 1992. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kobe Steel Ltd, Japan. We manufacture and sell aluminum ground substrates for thin-film disks - the primary high-capacity storage medium for digital data in computers and consumer appliances. We began shipment of our ground substrates to our customers in 1993 with a modest volume of 300,000 pieces per month. In 2007, our annual shipment exceeded 300 million, thus making us the largest independent worldwide supplier of aluminum ground substrates.

Aluminum Ground Substrate is one of the main components for Hard Disk Drive (HDD). HDD has been the most reliable high volume memory storage device for computers, such as desktop, laptop, netbook and high end servers. Application for HDD are expanding very rapidly to other consumer electronics segments such as DVD recorders with HDD, car navigators and game consoles. The Consumer Electronics segment is expected to grow at an exponential rate. Such expansion of HDD applications is the source of our growth.

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