Message From Management

KOBELCO PRECISION TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD ("KPTec"), was incorporated in Penang in 1992 and has over the years established a strong and unique market position as the leading Aluminum Blanks and Ground-substrate manufacturer in the Hard Disk Drive (HD) industry.

HDD industry is a very challenging and competitive business where all the key players within the industry are continuously developing new products and technologies to meet rapidly expanding data storage requirement. Hence, since the beginning, KPTec has never stopped on our tracks to meet new challenges and to comply with new requirements of our customers. We have kept on improving our processes, upgrading our equipment, developing our people and investing in Research and Development (R&D) projects to remain competitive and to meet the quality, cost and deliveries requirement.

Our shareholder, Kobe Steel, Ltd. (KOBELCO) is one of the major Japanese manufacturers of iron, steel, aluminum and copper products. For the Aluminum Ground-substrate business, KPTec is set up to run as an independent organization. With full autonomy, KPTec operates and maintains all business functions including R&D and Sales in our factory in Penang, Malaysia.

KPTec Management
Yoshinori Kato
Managing Director
Norzaman Othman
Chief Operating Officer

We are very proud to have developed and maintained a unique culture in KPTec which embraces four core elements namely, Mission Statement, KPTec Values, Self Directed Work Teams (SDWT) and 3A Philosophy. In KPTec, everyone works together to support every activity aimed at enhancing this KPTec culture. We strongly believe that it is our unique culture coupled with the dedication of our employees that laid the foundation for KPTec to be a successful organization in this dynamic business.

On behalf of KPTec, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all our valued customers and business partners around the world who have been constantly supporting us since the start.